ADHD and Procrastination Talk in Torrance on 6/4/15

If you are local (Southern California), please join me in Torrance, CA at the CHADD South Bay Chapter meeting. I will be presenting on my favorite topic: Procrastination!

Date: Thursday June 4, 2015

Time: 6:45pm-9:00pm

Cost: FREE/Donation


Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital

Del E. Webb Center for Health Education Building,

2nd Floor Conference Room

4101 Torrance Blvd

Torrance, CA 90505

Topic: Adult ADHD and Procrastination

Speaker: Kim Kensington, Psy.D.


The challenges of starting, continuing and finishing projects and tasks are magnified when you throw ADHD into the mix and therefore benefit from a different approach.  With a light-hearted and informal style, Dr. Kensington will address how to identify what may be getting in your way, including executive function issues that may be masquerading as procrastination, and will offer ADHD-friendly strategies for navigating these obstacles so you can get more done in less time.


Here's what the Chapter announcement says:

"We all procrastinate. If we don't want to do something, many of us will simply put it off to do tomorrow or later, when we are feeling less stressed and less overwhelmed with other responsibilities. Or we might simply wait until we have more energy to tackle the task on a new day. Problems can begin to occur, however, if you find that you are putting off and avoiding tasks again and again and again. "Tomorrow" never comes. Many adults with ADHD struggle with "chronic" procrastination. Procrastination can cause problems at work when job responsibilities are not completed or are done at the last minute. Procrastination can cause problems in relationships. When you continue to procrastinate, your family and friends often feel that they are unimportant to you. Procrastination causes financial stress at home when bills are paid late.

For an adult with ADHD/ADD just getting started on a task can be difficult, particularly if the task is mundane or boring. If you are easily distracted by outside stimuli, as well as internal thoughts, it can be hard just to get started. Adults with ADHD often feel paralyzed and overwhelmed, have an impaired sense of time, have problems with organization, cannot sustain attention because their mind wanders, and are afraid to fail. Luckily, there are strategies that can help overcome chronic procrastination."

I hope to see you there!