What to do?

Blog Post: Decisions, Decisions

Should I write this as a blog, or as a newsletter, or as part of a book, or maybe an ebook…?  If I do it as a newsletter, should I move all my contacts from aweber to mailchimp or constant contact?  If I’m going to do that, maybe I should wait?  Should I write it in Word?  If I do it in Pages, I would be able to write them also on my laptop, or on my phone… but I really don’t like writing on my phone…  And if I use my iPad, I'd want the keyboard…

Around and around and around it goes.   Decisions, decisions, decisions.

One challenge for adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has to do with our ability to see lots of possibilities.  And we ADDers tend to like possibilities!  Sometimes this has benefits, but not always.  A corresponding challenge has to do with our difficulty with linear thinking and organization – that means organization not just of stuff, but also of ideas  (one of the big challenges with writing essays, and things like, say, blog posts).

With ADHD, we need to externalize our thoughts or it all just keeps swirling around in our heads.  Here are two ways, but I’m sure you can find others!

1) Talk the decision out loud to someone who is a good listener and who won’t offer solutions or urge us to take action before we are ready -- we usually can figure it out for ourselves. Will the solutions be perfect?  Almost never.  But good enough.  Good enough to take action and move our lives forward.

2) Write down your swirling thoughts. Journal, mind-map, free-associate, make a pros and cons sheet  – doesn’t matter, really. Heck, you could probably paint the thoughts on a wall or do something musical (although my brain certainly can’t help you with that).  How about using puppets--a sock on each hand debating the options? Oooh, I like this idea!

Is that too many choices?  Do you now need to get out hand puppets to decide on a method for deciding? Okay, here you go.  If in doubt, use a piece of paper – any piece of paper and a writing utensil – hmmm – should I recommend pen or pencil….