Productivity, Procrastination, ADHD and Current Events

If you have been struggling even more than usual with productivity, energy and taking initiative to engage with the world at large, you are not alone. If you follow current events, don’t underestimate the toll it may be taking on you. It seems to be contributing to an existential sense that every day tasks and normal “work” doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things making it even harder than usual to get things done. It may be impacting your sleep, your mood, your frustration tolerance and your sense that how you see the world is actually how the world is. It is possible your ancestry may be affecting your general sense of safety even if that seems illogical. It is making a lot of people feel powerless. Never before, in my 28 years as a therapist/coach, has the news been had such an impact on people. I just want to give voice to the idea that it may be impacting you more than you are realizing and to remind you to have compassion for yourself-- because these are genuinely unusual times.