Get Done Have Fun  Workshop  $379 Early Reg, $479 regular

Get Done Have Fun Workshop

$379 Early Reg, $479 regular

Dr. Kim Kensington
Psychologist (PSY13607) & ADD Coach



Get Done Have Fun!

A 4 Week Workshop.

(Participate from anywhere by PHONE!)


Formerly the ProcrastinADDers Bootcamp, this intensive program was designed for the creative professional, free-lancer, and entrepreneur - especially those working from home and/or without a set schedule.  Together we create structure and make powerful and lasting behavioral changes.  It requires real effort (most of it in the first 48 hours), but the rewards are long-lasting and liberating. Let’s stop playing catch-up and start getting ahead!

Get Done Have Fun is held only a few times a year, however, I can work with you anytime in a similar way, one-to-one. 


This program offers a day-by-day method for achieving success.

How many times have you started an exercise program, a diet, a budget, or a creative project only to find that you started with lots of energy and enthusiasm and then - you stopped?  Perhaps you became discouraged, bored, distracted, busy, swept up by a new idea or scared of what you had started?

If you could just do a little bit, consistently, everyday, how much more could you accomplish?  Would it be a relief to get off the roller coaster of BIG STARTS and slow, painful finishes or never-ending fade outs?

With a full appreciation of the obstacles that can prevent you from accomplishing your goals, Dr. Kensington has designed a straightforward program that teaches you how to generate action in your life and transform distractions into incentives.  She takes into account the need for immediate gratification, the sense that there is never enough time, and the "pros" of procrastination. Her program will teach you how to organize your time, sequence activities to create success and use incentives to reinforce productive habits. By following this step-by-step process, you will learn to trust yourself and accomplish your goals.

The material provided in the intensive workshop is fully integrated through a series of on-going group coaching sessions. You create your "Procrastination Busting" action plan in the Workshop Sessions. The Group Coaching sessions are your venue to test, refine and adjust your plan. Problem solving, support, encouragement and creative strategies for remaining engaged and motivated will be presented. To further help participants, supportive e-mail tips and exercises will be provided throughout the program, (past participants affirm that these elements arrived just when they were most needed!)


Next Get Done, Have Fun workshop begins Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 5:15(PST) and runs for 4 weeks. Then, 3 consecutive Mondays at 5:15pm (PST) 

What you get:

PDF of the Starting Tomorrow Workbook

Six, 60 minute, live, online, Q&A/Group Coaching sessions with Dr. Kensington

One month follow-up group coaching session - TBD

Recorded presentation on Procrastination and ADHD

Recorded video of presentation on Creating Habits with accompanying handouts

1 Individual 45 minute coaching session

Email support during the four weeks!

Please have at least two hours Saturday and two hours Sunday available to set up your program (first weekend only)

28-Day Get Done Have Fun Program to Develop Positive Habits for Lasting Results

Are you ready to stop wishing and hoping? To start living and doing? If your answer is YES, then join us for 4 weeks of intensive, high-impact training and structured group coaching that will enable you to shift from avoidance to action.

This high-energy program provides excellent, actionable information in a friendly, interactive setting.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Remove the blocks that have led to endless circling, debating and despair

  • Identify specific actions required to achieve your goals

  • Capitalize on the "pros" of procrastination

  • Create a day-by-day, 4-week program for success

  • Cultivate and maintain Daily Success Habits

  • Sequence and pace your daily activities

  • Identify the ignition "key" that gets you started, everyday

  • Profit from your natural desire for fun and relaxation

  • Stop "guilting", disliking and disparaging yourself for what you haven't done

  • Circumvent perfectionism

  • Disconnect from fears of success or failure

  • Consistently generate your own inspiration

  • Experience the fulfillment of daily accomplishment

At the end of the program, you will have the tools you need to make lasting changes in your life. While program benefits vary from person to person, they often include many of the following

Psychological Benefits


•Less stress and "wasted" time

•Greater self-confidence

•Increased self-respect

•Improved relationships

•Higher stress-tolerance

•Effective time management

•A quieter, more peaceful mind

•Guilt-free relaxation

•Enhanced self-esteem

Work/Life Benefits


•Greater wealth

•Ability to meet deadlines

•Increased productivity

•Increased punctuality

•Increased and more enjoyable leisure time

•Fewer late charges

•A more orderly life and environment

•A tidier home and office

•Fewer, energy-draining, to-dos.

Physical Benefits


•Improved health

•Weight loss

•Better physique

•More energy

•Sounder, more refreshing sleep

•Healthier skin


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