Dr. Kim Kensington
Psychologist (PSY13607) & ADD Coach


The Procrastination Doctor's Workshop Reviews


I think that every aspect of my life is improved because of the organization skills I learned with this program. This is a great program for people ready to stop procrastinating and get down to business!”                                               Alison B   

Commercial Actress

“This program made the process of getting organized and motivated into a life-long habit, not just a quick-fix solution. A very supportive teacher and atmosphere."              Paul B


Thank you so much!!! The (program) is a must-do for procrastinators. I can only say that it works!...and... The stars and rewards are fun. Kim is "positively" great, and very supportive, and the phone and email accountability seems to really tie it all together. This program works for the ADD/free-spirited types and the extremely detail-oriented (and is not at all like boring seminar/self-help meetings or trips to the dentist).”

Zoey G



“Dr. Kensington's teaching style is warm, light, and she creates a learning environment that is friendly and progressive. A simple system for getting things done.”

                      Delena K

   Sales Coach and Consultant


“Just wanted to reiterate my thanks to you. This really is the first program that has worked for me: for four weeks now, I've been working on my book weekly. HUGE success for me! I've also been able to incorporate it with my other priorities: eat healthy and exercise. It really IS a life changing class in that it makes you start dealing with your life. It finally started me working on my goals instead of worrying about them! It's structured, organized and it works!”

                       Sarah S



“I LOVED it!!!!!”





“I just wanted to thank you for the class - I got heaps out of it. I really enjoyed your acknowledging, accepting and enthusiastic style of leading the class. Thanks again.”



“ I have so struggled with time management, and this is the only overall solution that I seem able and happy to incorporate.  I also really like that it challenges me to reward and acknowledge the good work I'm doing and is built on a reward system - not a system of reprimands, sheer discipline, and other such negative reinforcement. The Master List is great at heightening my consciousness about what I WANT to be doing routinely, while the Star Sheet makes me feel so good about contributing daily to the four domains in life most important to me. The sequencing concept with the notion of turning distractions into incentives totally helps keep things prioritized while giving them forward momentum. This program has so helped me conceptualize the four core pillars/domains of my life and put them in balance so that I'm living a healthier, happier lifestyle. So thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

                               Heidi H.