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Dr. Kim Kensington
Licensed Psychologist (PSY13607) & ADD Coach


Diagnosed as an adult w/inattentive ADHD 

In Mindfullness Training for ADHD - UCLA pilot study

Grew up in Hawaii (attended Punahou w/Obama!)

Working actress with film and t.v. credits

★Performed Stand-Up Comedy at recent CHADD and ADDA national conventions




Adult ADD/ADHD expert located in Santa Monica

Known as “The Procrastination Doctor”

CEU (continuing education provider) for mental health professionals and educators

Licensed in California (PSY13607)

(so your PPO can reimburse you)

Professional Member: CHADD, ADDA

B.A. Psychology, Amherst College, Amherst, MA

Psy.D.,  Virginia Consortium Program in Psychology

Listed in Who's Who of American Women

Cited in,

In practice over 20 years

On televised panel of experts about ADHD

Assisted the Dr. Phil show on adult ADHD


Even more info

In less formal words, my story is like so many others. I had been to numerous psychologists, psychiatrists, paraprofessionals; had tried anti-depressants, bought tons of books on time management and organization (and even read a few of them), tried hypnosis, organizers, personal trainers, exercise, special diets, vitamins, anything I could think of to have more energy, procrastinate less, clean up my home (and keep it clean) and finish any of a number of really cool projects I was working on at any given time. Oh, and get a “real job.”

The diagnosis of ADHD, and my subsequent education about it, completely changed my life.  No longer would I try to fit my proverbial round

peg into the square hole.  And once I understood why I did what I did (or didn’t do), I was able to change my actions, my environment and ultimately my life as well as my perception of myself. My work isn’t done, but it’s a very different journey now.

This is why I coach adults with ADHD. Because the change can be amazing and astonishing with the right help. Help from someone who not only knows what you are talking about because they read some books but REALLY gets it. Someone who will never accidentally imply that you just need to try harder. Someone who gets that you are probably going to have to do things your very own way. And someone who believes that can work and who will help you execute your unique vision for your life. And if you are still reading, I am very impressed and would love to hear from you!